Experimental online bibliography

The idea behind this site was to create a combined personal bibliography and CV with easy to remember ?quick links? (like brendan.is/on-facebook). The different ?quick link? categories are found in the menu on the right hand side or below if you are on mobile, and more are continuously being added. Below is a short a short description about me. My general CV is available as a PDF here. I also have a CV available through linkedin. Also check out my list of education, list of published articles and my other personal website.

A short overview of my professional life

Finished writing my master thesis titled Location Estimation Methods for Open, Privacy preserving Mobile Positioning a few year back at Simula Research Laboratory and University of Oslo - Department of Informatics. Freelance journalist at hardware.no. Currently employed as an open source senior consultant at Acando where I also am the technical manager for Liferay.

A short overview of my current interests

GSM-networks and technology, GNU/Linux, Emacs, Stumpwm, org-mode, philosophy and ethics, microprocessors, Liferay, web technology, Android applications, Latex and writing. My current languages of choice are English, Norwegian, C, python, java, perl and lisp.

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