This is a non-exhaustive list of my published software

NOTE! This page is very outdated and in dire need of an update. keysnail plugin

Plugin for the awesome keysnail for Firefox. Keysnail basically turns Firefox into Emacs for the web. This plugin allows you to interact with through keysnail keyboard shortcuts for bookmarking, read later, list bookmarks, etc. Link to the code on github


This is a maven archetype for creating Liferay Spring MVC Freemarker portlets. Since this type of portlet is not officially supported by Liferay, no archetype currently exists. This archetype amends that. Furthermore this is a much more complete archetype than the archetypes currently supplied by Liferay. This archetype generates a runnable portlet including a lot of examples of best practices and the best way of creating a Liferay Spring MVC Freemarker portlet. These best practices are influenced by both Liferays best practices, but also the best practices of several projects I am currently working on.

Available at Github


Linux driver for the Microvision Flic barcode scanner. Link to the code.

Opera bookmarks pipemenu for OpenBox

Link to the code.

Location Estimation Methods for Open, Privacy Preserving Mobile Positioning

The code from this thesis is available on github (incomplete) and as a tar.gz at


A bukkit plugin for Minecraft, available on github.

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